"You Might Not Believe It, But Everything You'll Read On This Page Is True"

You can get clicks from subscribers who do not open your emails, OR who don't even join your lists! You can even set Facebook Ads to send you FREE traffic when others are paying for it!

Now that you've seen this screenshot, you may quietly re-read the above headline... 3 of my subscribers who saw my magic Ad on their Facebook wall purchased my product without even clicking the ad. Which means I spent $0, ZERO, NADA and got $141 in return. Now sit back, and take some time to read this important letter.

I know that probably 98% of my subscribers reading this letter will think I'm drunk or that I lost my mind. But I am not (see below, Facebook can track conversions for PEOPLE who SEE your ad and does not click on it.

Below you'll find the exact ad I am using and the final stats. Above you can see that Facebook even gives you detailed demographics about customers!


As you can see, it's the truth...and I would like you to read the following carefully as this could help you get more traffic and increase your ROI up to 1000%!

Here is what it is about.

One more thing before I reveal what it's about:

This is also something YOU can implement in no time on your end. It's not just for experienced marketers. I hope that by the end of this letter you'll take action and start implementing this amazing strategy into your business!

So let's get into it.

As you probably know, the average conversion rate on a squeeze page is around 20 to 30%.

Which means that 70 to 80% of your traffic is WASTED and doing nothing (unless you send them in an exit redirect loop), but still only a few extra % will join your lists or take action.

Now it gets even worse with conversion rates on a sales page, which are typically around 2 to 3%.

Which means 98% of your visitors are WASTED!

And marketers accept this as if they were doomed to just throw 98% of their traffic downs the drain.

The current consensus among online marketers is to accept throwing away 98% of their traffic!
It's like stocking 30 days of food and and then throw away 29 days of the stock! That sounds insane, right?

Still, that's the norm. We buy traffic and waste it, be it on a squeeze page or on a sales page.

As I said, we have a few ways to re-generate traffic, but it remains marginal.

Why does it remain marginal?

Because you're asking these exit pops to impact someone with the wrong mindset. He is leaving your page and thus you're just thinking :"what the heck, I don't care bothering him with exit pops until he truly left the page".

So you can't expect a lot from people leaving your page without taking action. If they did not take action first hand chances are they won't take action even after begging them :-)

So only a few extra % will take action through these traffic re-generation tactics (and it can make a difference, but not a huge one).

There might be something better that will truly increase the ROI, the long term conversion rate. Something that would make a major difference.

And there is such a system to stop losing 80% of people you send to an optin page or 98% of people you send to a sales page.

Think at it:

Let's say you pay 50cts a click and send those people to a squeeze page. Only 30% of those will subscribe to your list. Which means each subscriber costs you $1.5

100 subscribers will cost you $150.
If 3% of those subscribers later purchase your product, then you'll get 3 sales. Let's assume it's a $17 product, then you make $51. You've lost $100. You still have a list and you can market to this list at wish. But it comes with an initial investment of $100.

Now, let's imagine that you can still "reach" the 200 people who have not subscribed to your list!

Please re-read the previous paragraph carefully: you read it right. Let's say people who did not subscribe to your list are still in front of your message whenever you want and almost on any page they are browsing on the Internet?

That sounds like science fiction. It's not.

Now, it's common to get conversion rate 8 to 10 times higher off those people you can expose to your message at will than those exposed only once!

So what you're starting to envision is that you could generate 20 or 30 sales off people who have not subscribed.

At $17 a pop you're now generating $350 to $500!
And you're dealing with buyers and not just subscribers.

Of course there's a cost associated with them visiting your offer. But we're talking cents per click and not almost a dollar per click!

Can You See How Powerful Such A System Is & What It Could Do For You?

And you there are many applications to this:

- we discussed sending people who did not subscribe to your list to your mo'ney pages

- but I am also using this for something even better when you have a list :-)

I can get subscribers who do not open my emails or click on my links (in those emails) to still see my offers, affiliate promos!

So average marketers get a 5% open rate and then a 30% click-through rate. With a list of 1000, this means 15-20 clicks. Or 200 clicks with a list of 10,000.

What a waste of traffic as well. Well, with this system all your subscribers who do not see your email could still be presented with it and take action!

How evil is that :-) ?

When aweber and getresponse were down, many of my subscribers were still seeing my offers (you can easily specify targets)!

This can't get any better, and honnestly that's probably the only way to make a pro'fit when you buy traffic (PPC, FB Ads, Solo Ads), and that best way to get rid of poor open rate and click-through rates by reaching your subscribers in a non obtrusive way, showing them the offer they want to see, at the right time, and at the right place.

Your Conversions Will Go To The Roof!

In a nutshell, it's like getting a 100% open rate to emails you're not even sending to subscribers who did not even join your lists!

It can't get any better. You're marketing to ANYONE who, at some point, saw one of your message. Whether they took action at this point is not important. They saw it, and THIS is now an ASSET.

We used to say the money is in the list. And subscribers were your best assets. They still are.

But there's a new kid in town. A VIEW is also an amazing ASSET, but only a few know about it. And now that you've read this letter, you also know about it!

It's a new paradygm. A new way to think at how you can market to people online. A new way to sale online as well. A new way to think and design your sales funnel. A new way to forecast your earnings and ROI. A new way to buy traffic and monitor / optimize traffic campaigns.

And This Is A Whole New World Of Opportunity! Period.

This way of driving traffic is second to none and the beauty of it is that it's available to anyone. It can be activated in no time!

It's not a fad, that's how major companies have turned losing campaign into cash cows, that's how successful marketers can outbid all others (PPC, PPV, FB, Solo ads) and still be in profit, thus buying all available inventories from the best traffic sources or traffic seller... thus making even more outrageous profits while most are struggling to get their ads approved on FB!

If you're complaining that your solo ads and media buy are poorly converting and not profitable, this is the way to re-think everything and get into profits fast.

If you're looking for a way to make the most of those 50cts clicks you're buying on PPC, PPV, FB, Solo ads, this is the way to do it.

If you're looking for a way to get a constant flow of targeted traffic 24 hours a day without doing anything, this is the way to do it!

You can even "Tweak" Facebook Ads and only pay for conversions!

But you can also show your ads to your current subscribers (on top of only those who once saw your web page) THROUGH Facebook!

As you know people are either reading their emails or on Facebook! So if they don't read your emails or join your lists, chances are you will reach them on Facebook.

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Now, you might be wondering how you can get started, what you should do first.

It's not rocket science, but it requires to understand the process and to practice it a little bit.

There are a few things to learn, and there are some best practices (or anyone could do it easily and profits would vanish).

Still You Can Cut The Learning Curve, Save Time, Save money. Experts Are Here To Teach You How To Get started With This System And How To Turn This new Knowledge Into Action And Into Conversions!

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To Your Success, JP Schoeffel